Meena was a young woman of the Hito Clan with supernatural powers. She was also Loof's girlfriend.

History Edit

Meena grew up in the Hito Clan with her parents and sisters. When her sisters were taken to Moah King, Meena feared that she was next so she was forced to leave her village to live alone in the forest until she met Loof.

Appearance Edit

Meena bore a strong resemblace to Non as they had a similar hairstyle, face and eye-shape. She had long blue hair, which she normally wore in a ponytail with pink flowers around the base of the ponytail and long, side-swept bangs. Early in the series she wore strapless a torn pink dress with stripes of darker pink which barely covered her behind. In the last episodes she appeared in she wore a long white dress and white cloak.

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