Moah King was the ruthless and bloodthirsty ruler of Earth, the husband of Parome and the father of countless illegitimate human-genma hybrids. He is also a rapist, prone to order the kidnapping of several females to rape and impregnate them with his child as he desires to have a heir with immense, extraordinary power.

History Edit

Since nothing much happened in his kingdom, Maoh King decided to have hybrid Human-Genma children to bring the war across the Earth for entertainment. He constantly had his soldiers kidnap young and beautiful virgin human women and bring them to his castle, where he would impregnate and abandon them and once the children was born his soldiers would take them away and train it to be one of them. However, if the children didn't turn out to be perfect in the Moah King's eyes, he could abandon or kill them.

After Moah King killed Katsu, one of his sons his mentor Nuu confronted the king, who turned him into a wolf as punishment for defying him and ordered Nuu to find him another human woman. Nuu obeys and brings the Hito woman Non. Moah King takes an interest in her and, according to Earie, was "gentle yet strong" and "passionate" when he raped her.

After Nuu and Non left the castle, Moah King mused about Non being "wonderful" and claimed that he liked her very much, much to the jealousy of Parome.