Template:Episode infoboxOffspring of Genma is the first episode of Genma Wars.

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The episode starts with Katsu, one of Maoh King's sons fighting with other Genmas while Moah King, his wife Parome and Katsu's tutor watch him. Katsu manages to defeat all of his opponents and celebrates that he has become a wizard, only for Maoh King to kill him as he still found him unworthy of being a Genma. When Nuu confronted Moah King about Katsu's murder, the king punished Nuu by turning him into a wolf and sent him off to bring him another woman female.

Moah King's soldiers set off to find the woman in Hito village, they procceed to burn the village down and attack the villagers until Non offers helself to them in exchange for the safety of her village, the general agrees and orders her to take her clothes off. Non's father tells her not to and the general threatens him but Non to stop the general by using her own psychic powers and reluctantly took her dress off in front of the villagers, much to her embarrassment. While the soldiers stared at Non in amazement, Nuu arrived at the scene and collected Non himself. Non thanks Nuu for "saving" her, although Nuu tells her not to thank him since she was going to "Hell" as he takes her to Moah King's castle.

Nuu presents Non to Moah King, who is delighted by her. Non then realizes why she was brought there and tries to escape but Moah King stops her and tells her to bear him a child with an strong force. While Moah King rapes Non, Parome sends her servant Earie to find out how Non is like and gets angry when Earie says that Non is very beautiful and that Moah King was "so gentle yet strong" and "passionate" with Non.

Later, Nuu takes Non back to her village and Parome scolds her husband for the way he treats women, although Moah King ignores her and muses over how wonderful Non is and says that he likes her very much, much to parome's annoyance.

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